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Community College Initiative CCI

AY2016-2017 CCI Application Form

What are community colleges?

In the United States, a community college is a two year post-secondary institution that offers certificate programs, Associate of Arts degrees, Associate of Sciences degrees, plus many other programs. It is sometimes called a junior college, and can be simply described as an educational institution providing post-secondary education, granting certificates, diplomas, and associate's degrees. The name derives from the fact that community colleges primarily accept and attract students from the local community.

AY2016-2017 Community College Initiative Program (CCI)

The Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt is pleased to announce the AY2016-2017 Community College Initiative (CCI), a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. This international exchange program will offer educational opportunities, professional development, community engaging and exposure to American society to approximately 13 students from Egypt at U.S. Community Colleges. Grant duration is one academic year and may result in a Certificate. Students are required to return to Egypt at the end of their program and may NOT transfer to a four-year U.S. academic institution.

Offered Grants

A Certificate from a community college fulfills the need for a practical education that will prepare a student for the workplace.

Program Dates

The program will commence in the summer of 2016 (July or August 2016).

Eligible Fields

Participants will work with their Program Coordinators at each host college to develop an individual development plan in their field of study. Courses and programs of study vary by individual colleges. Participants should develop their goals broadly within these fields of study. Through the application, participants are asked to describe their specific areas of interest, related experience, and long-term goals.

The following is a sample list of areas of specialization within each broad field of study. Specializations vary by individual colleges:

Applied Engineering/Industrial Science:

Applied engineering students learn theoretical and applied skills in a technical field. Some programs are designed to train technicians in fundamental skills for a trade and other programs focus on technical background, system design, equipment troubleshooting, and technology and management issues within a technical field. Potential subjects that students may explore include automotive manufacturing technology, construction management, electronics, energy management, engineering tech, heating ventilation and air conditioning, manufacturing maintenance, and welding. Applicants for applied engineering need to have a solid foundation in math and should anticipate taking a math placement test at their host campus.

Business Administration:

Business managers typically plan, organize, direct, and oversee operations and employers.  They may become supervisor in a company or a department or territory within a company’s operations; they may seek to start up a business of their own; or they may seek to improve an existing small-scale family enterprise.  Exact duties vary depending on the type of business, the company, field, and industry. Potential subjects that students may explore include accounting, banking and finance, bookkeeping, business technology, customer service, energy and sustainability, entrepreneurship, financial management, human resources, international business, leadership development, marketing, project management, office administration, sales, small business management, and supply chain management.

Early Childhood Education:

Programs combine classroom instruction with supervised, hands-on experience to prepare students for early childhood education and care positions.  The programs focus on early childhood development and curriculum development.  Potential subjects that students may explore include early childhood development, infant and toddler care specialization, school-age specialization, family childcare specialization, and paraprofessional teacher assistant.

Tourism and Hospitality Management:

Tourism focuses on the range of businesses that serve the needs of travelers, such as tourism planners, marketers, and service providers.  Hospitality management covers the study of hotel management and operations, restaurants and institutional food service facilities, culinary arts, customer service, and conference, meeting and event management.

Public Safety:

Programs in public safety focus on the technical and logistical issues facing emergency management professionals and the importance of planning
and response as they relate to emergency management.  Fire science programs in particular are concerned with the science of firefighting and fire prevention as well as the safety and hazards associated with fires.  Potential subjects that students may explore include fire science, emergency management, continuity of operations, critical incident management, and disaster management and response.

Eligibility Requirements

    1. Egyptian Citizenship.
    2. Age between 25 and 30
    3. Has completed a secondary – technical or general - degree or its equivalent with a minimum grade of 70%.
    4. Highest Educational Degree:

        A) Graduates of Technical Schools/Institutes:
             3-year Technical Secondary School
             5-year Technical Secondary School
             2-Year Higher Institute
             General Secondary School
              N.B.: No experience is required from graduates of technical schools/institutes

        B) Bachelor’s degrees: B.A. holders must have a minimum of 2 years recent work experience in the field of application, which must be other than the field in which the B.A. was attained.

    5. Minimum valid TOEFL Score of 400 or its equivalent (ITP, IBT, CBT or IELTS) from AMIDEAST or any of the ETS approved centers listed below:

    American Canadian Center (ACC)

    Menoufia, Qalubia, Kafr El Sheikh, Tanta and Mahala


    Sohag, New Valley, Qena, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada and Safaga

    Beni Suef University

    Beni Suef

    Nile Academy

    Mansoura and Damietta

    6. Has limited or no overseas study experience. 
    7. Is able to receive and maintain a U.S. J-1 visa.
    8. Is willing and physically able (with accommodations as required) to complete the program in its entirety including activities or travel that may be programmed on any day of the week, possibly including early morning or evening hours.
    9. Is committed to returning to Egypt after completion of the program.
    10. Is able to begin the academic exchange program in the U.S. in July or Augest 2016.
    11. Male applicants must have military service exemption/postponement at the time of application.
    12. Women are encouraged to apply.
    13. Candidates from ALL Egyptian Governorates are encouraged to apply.

Applications will be considered INELIGIBLE in the following cases::

1. University graduates from the same field of application.
2. Current university students, except open universities.
3. Lack of TOEFL required score or its equivalent at the time of application submission.
4. Individuals currently participating in academic, training, or research programs in the U.S.
5. Individuals currently studying, residing, or working outside of Egypt.
6. Individuals who have participated in an exchange visitor program sponsored or funded by the U.S. government for a period of more than six weeks and who have not fulfilled their two-year home residency requirement by the time of application.
7. Individuals who have applied for U.S. permanent residency.
8. Local employees of the U.S. missions abroad who work for the U.S. Department of State and/or the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Employees are also ineligible for one year following the termination of employment.
9. Immediate family members (i.e., spouses and children) of U.S. Department of State, USAID, or Fulbright Commission employees. Family members are also ineligible for one year following the termination of employment.
10. Persons arrested for, charged with, or convicted of a crime (excluding minor traffic violations).


The Community College Initiative Program will provide funding for selected candidates to cover the following items:

  • J1 Visa Support
  • International roundtrip travel
  • Small allowance for books and incidental expenses
  • Tuition and mandatory college fees
  • Housing and meals
  • Limited Accident and Sickness coverage that is J-visa compliant
  • A variety of personal, professional and cultural development activities


1) Dependents are NOT allowed on this grant.

2) Grantees are not allowed to undertake paid employment in the U.S. during this grant.


Submission of Application

To apply to the program, please submit the following documents:

1. 1 original + 3 copies of Completed Typed Application Form (in English OR Arabic). Application forms that are hand-written must be legible or else they will not be processed.

2. 1 copy of Transcript of Secondary School or its equivalent. This applies to BA holders as well.

3. TOEFL score sheet or its equivalent (IELTS).

4. 1 copy of your National ID.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nominated Candidates will be asked to provide a translated copy of their application as well as a translation of their transcripts. Applicants are not required to submit their application forms in person, but in this case, ensuring the completion of application form contents such as questions' answers, attachments and information is the sole responsibility of the applicant.

The deadline for receiving applications is Thursday December 17, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

CCI Information Sessions:

The Commission will conduct an information session in its premises every Monday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. from November 9 to December 7, 2015.


  • The Commission will conduct preliminary screening and nominate qualified candidates. Final selection of candidates will be conducted in the U.S.
  • Program Announcement: October 29, 2015
  • Application Distribution: October 29 December 17, 2015
  • Deadline for submitting applications: December 17, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Personal Interviews for short-listed candidates: December and January, 2016
  • Announcement of Nominated Candidates: January 2016
Important Note: Interviewing panels will be held in Cairo ONLY. Failure to attend the interview will result in disqualification of the application.

Contact Information

Application Forms are available at the Fulbright Commission premises and on our website.

Address: 21 Amer Street, Messaha, Dokki, 12311
Tel. #: 02 -3335-9717 / 3335-7978 Extension 140
Fax: 37627346
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